Birch Pitch (Soft)


Otzis Pouch offers only 100% natural Birch tar and pitch, distilled by hand. This product is Birch pitch in a soft state which does not require any heat for softening, and does not dry hard. Some uses for it in this state would be:

  • Waterproofing and sealing
  • Light gluing
  • Staining

You can cook this down 25-30% if required and add fiber + charcoal for a strong and flexible medium consistency glue.

Birch tar imparts a smoky type scent to anything it touches, it will also darken what you are using it on so do a test if uncertain.

If you require bulk amounts over more then a few ounces please contact me. Discounts are available for educational and research institutes.

Birch tar is the worlds original glue, sealant and waterproofing material, it’s use has been dated back to over 200,000 years ago when the Neanderthals started distilling it. Good for everything from fastening heads to weapons, sealing, ointment, staining and waterproofing wood (awesome for tool and knife handles).


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