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We offer four different types of Birch tar oil, each one is distilled to a consistency that best works for its intended applications. The first three types can be refined by you as you like with just a bit of heat. As an example you want to keep some in your pack for antiseptic use but find that you need one of the other types while in the bush. You can refine it down on the fire to any type you like in a few minutes, I do recommend you do a few trial runs at home though as it takes a bit of practice to get the type that you want.


Antiseptic Type

This is the thinnest type and has the highest amount of phenol derivatives for maximum effectiveness against virus, bacteria, and fungus. It is slight refined to remove unneeded wood alcohol and water. For detailed information on its antiseptic properties and composition as well as how you can create your own please read Birch Tar Oil A Powerful Antiseptic.

You can use this on leather and wood as well but it is not as effective as the wood & leather type.

Common Uses

  • Treatment of  lice, fleas, scabies, & mites
  • Disinfecting wounds, has been shown to accelerate cell regeneration and quicker healing of wound
  • Treat infection of wound
  • Treatment and improved healing of burns
  • Treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, toenail fungus, and many more
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of shop areas, leather and tack such as saddles and harnesses
  • Used to create soap beneficial for a wide variety of skin problems


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Wood & Leather Type

We refine the oil down until it is a bit thicker then water, further removing unneeded organic compounds and increasing the staying power of the properties it gives to wood and leather when applied. Here are the properties it gives your leather & wood.


  • Excellent at repelling water
  • Highly resistant against salt water damage
  • Repels bugs, insects, and worms
  • Resistant against mold, rot, and bacteria
  • Lubricates leather fibers, keeps leather from drying out. Restores softness and flexibility to dried leather.
  • Imparts a long lasting unique smoky smell. Same smell that Russia leather was prized for.



  • Waterproofs wood
  • Tough, and durable patina finish
  • Repels bugs, insects, and worms
  • Resistant against mold, rot, and bacteria
  • Highly resistant to salt water
  • Absorbs into wood very well and quickly
  • Imparts a long lasting unique smoky smell


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Sealer Type

The birch tar oil in this consistency is tar like at room temperature. Perfectly for sealing seams on things like boots and gloves. Can also be warmed and used to treat leather and wood with same properties as the wood and leather type. But on wood it does not absorb as well and on leather it may offer better waterproofing but not allow the leather to breathe as well.


Glue Type

Hard at room temperature and must be heated to apply. We add some charcoal powder while refining to increase the strength and holding power. Used for 100s of thousands of years this type is called Birch tar pitch. It has been created and used for a wide variety of uses such as affixing heads to things like axes, arrows, or as glue and seam sealer in birch bark canoe construction. This glue stays strong and flexible in extreme cold. Sets very fast so be quick when using. 


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