Birch Tar Oil Balm (rashes, eczema, psoriasis & more)


All natural Birch tar oil skin balm used in treatment rashes, eczema, psoriasis & more.

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These tins contain 1 ounce (weight) of the Birch tar oil balm.


Birch tar oil has long been used as a traditional treatment for many different skin afflictions such as:

– Psoriasis
– Eczema
– Rashes
– Dandruff
– Scabies
– Fungal skin diseases

One example of traditional use would be the L’nu who call it “maskwiomin” and use it for treating Psoriasis, Eczema, and rashes. It also has a long history across Europe as a traditional treatment for a wide variety of skin issues.

Application of Birch tar oil to the skin increases blood flow to the area, stimulates regeneration & healing, and also has the following properties:

– Antiseptic
– Antiviral
– Antimicrobial
– Antiparasitic
– Increases skin elasticity and firmness
– Smooths wrinkles

My Skin Balm Ingredients

Birch tar oil:
I distill the oil (destructive distillation) from the outer bark of White Birch or Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera). The oil is complex and contains many different constituents, not all constituents have been identified at this time, here are the known important ones:
benzene, phenols and derivatives, toluene, xylene, phytoncides, organic acids, cresol.

Beeswax: Obtained from Canadian Beekeepers, food grade quality and not bleached.

Coconut Oil: Unscented.


Birch tar oil has a strong smoky smell with tones of phenol, when applied to skin it fades quickly but can still be smelled hours after application if you put your nose close. Many people find it a pleasant and relaxing smell.


A little goes a longways. The balm is a soft wax and you need just a very small amount rubbed into the affected area once or twice per day. The Birch tar oil and Coconut oil will penetrate and do their work while the beeswax stays on the top layer of skin creating a protective barrier. The balm is near black and until dry or absorbed can stain clothing. Dries non-greasy 1-3 minutes after application.


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