Birchees Leather Conditioner & Wax Bundle


Birchees high performance all natural leather wax made with Birch tar oil, beeswax, d-limonene, and coconut oil.

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If you are interested in more details than what is listed here please check out about Birchees leather conditioner & wax. OtzisPouch is a sister company to Birchees and this is why we offer Birchees products here.

Contains 1 x 3 ounce tin of conditioner and 1 x 3 ounce tin of leather wax.

Birchees all natural leather conditioner & wax are unique, high performance all natural leather products made out of birch tar oil, coconut oil, d-limonene (conditioner only), and beeswax. No additives, no petroleum or animal products, each and every tin is handmade. Here is a list of features and benefits of using Birchees leather bundle:


  • Excellent ability to repel water.
  • Long lasting, can last for 6 months or more depending on application and use.
  • Increases wear resistance.
  • pH matched 4.5-5.0.
  • Penetrates deeply lubricating fibers without overly softening.
  • Highly resistant against saltwater damage.
  • Highly resistant against mold, fungus, bacteria
  • Repels insects, worms, and bugs.
  • Imparts a unique smoky smell to leather that lasts for months. This is the same smell that Russia leather was so well known for.
  • Stabilized with a custom mix of antioxidants and tocopherol(s). Excellent oxidative stability.
  • Also protects and extends life of stitching.

No additives, petroleum or animal products are used. Does not go rancid and is immune to microbial rancidity as well. The conditioner and wax are designed to work together & when doing so your leather enjoys best in industry performance and protection.


Ingredients & How It Works

Birchees does not believe in hiding or protecting the ingredients, ratios though are not provided.

Birch tar oil: This is where the conditioner gets that unique smoky “Russia leather” smell from. Also responsible for most of the other features and benefits, this is the same birch tar oil that was used in the fat liquoring process of Russia leather. It has though been improved (stabilized).

Beeswax: Enhances the water repel abilities of the birch tar oil, and adds a protective top layer that can be buffed to a shine should you choose. Also used for controlling overall consistency.

d-limonene (conditioner only): This is a natural and leather friendly solvent made extracted from orange peels. This cleans the leather and clears old waxes to make way for the conditioner, also used to control consistency. Has an evaporation rate similar to water and is much gentler then traditional  solvents used in leather products such as acetone and hexane. Also a carrier for the beeswax to allow it to penetrate past the top layer.

Coconut oil: Enhances and extends the moisturizing capabilities of the conditioner.


Stabilizing Mix: A custom mix of natural antioxidants and tocopherol(s) which greatly increases overall oxidative stability and longevity.


Application Instructions

Please use the instructions on Birchees website:


Note: Birchees leather conditioner & wax will darken leather, make sure to test first. Using on non flat leathers such as nap or suede is not recommended unless you know what you are doing and have specific reasons for doing so.

Here is a comparison on how Birchees leather conditioner & wax may darken leather in comparison to Mink oil and Neatsfoot oil, top left is the control piece which has had nothing applied to it, top right is Mink Oil, bottom left Birchees conditioner + wax, bottom right Neatsfoot oil.



The best in leather care and protection.

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